Ninjax is a product series that enables "instant connection" that allows wiring by simply pushing in a round or Y-type crimp terminal wire. By connecting instantly, it is a product that can reduce the man-hours, time, and labor required for wiring and solve the problem of labor shortage.
Since no tools are required for wiring, there is no variation due to the skill of the operator, and it is possible to maintain stable quality no matter who works.

NInjax Series

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Product name UF6501 UF7001 UF7002
Series Patented Patented Patented
Connecting terminal

Round shape

Round shape

Round shape

type DIN rail type DIN rail type
one-touch type
Relay type
Rated AC300V/30A AC300V/30A AC300V/30A

The instant connection terminal board series is a terminal board that can be connected without using screws. Since no screws are required, the connection time is greatly reduced.
Furthermore, after installing the equipment, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of an electric fire due to loosening of screws.

Prevention of electric fire

Approximately 78% of fires in Tokyo are due to electrical equipment failures.
No matter how well the wiring work environment is managed, "loose screws" due to aging is one of the causes of fire.
Since the instant connection terminal block has a structure that does not use "screws", "screw loosening" that causes a fire does not occur.
Wiring is as simple as pushing the wire with a round crimp terminal, but you can check the connection by sound, so you can perform safe and secure wiring work.
You can prevent electric fires caused by wiring mistakes and "loose screws".

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