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    Relay-type Terminal Block
Type number F1010-60A
Production Status In production
Rating Voltage 600 V
Rating Ampere 60 A
Insulation Resistance 500V 1000MΩ 以上
Anti-voltage AC3000V 1minute and over
Compatible Wire 14.0 mm²
Tightening torque 2.4 N・m
General Tolerance ±0.5mm
Scale 1/2
Ordering Form [Type No.]-[No.of Poles](P)
Remarks *Application:Commercial appliances, including business equipment,electronic data processing equipment, etc.and general industrial.
*Other options *Jumper(F2167)
*With Thermal fuse
*Storage condition
*Ambient temperature : -10~35℃
*Ambient humidity : relative humidity70%or less(・No dew condensation)
*Operating condition
*Ambient Operating temperature -20~+68℃
*Amhient Operating humidity : relative humidity90%or less(・No dew condensation)
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Part No. Part Name Material Standard Size Treatment Remark
1 Base PBT UL Black CTI≧600
2 Terminal Brass C2680R t=3.0 Tin-Plated
3 Screw Steel SWCH・SPCC M5x0.8x12L Trivalent Chromate Treatment Type1
4 Fuse holder PC UL Transparence
5 Cover PC UL t=1.5 Transparence
6 Marking strip PBT UL t=0.8 White
7 Thermal fuse Connector:JST PAP02V-S L=200mm Nomainal functioning temperature 102℃
Number of poles 3P 4 6 8 10
A 67 82 112 142 172
B 57 72 102 132 162




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